Special Needs Buddies

Enrich your social life and enjoy the companionship of special needs volunteer buddies. At the request of seniors, we pair seniors with special needs buddies especially young adults graduating from high school whose vocational calling is caring for the elderly and spending time with them.

We believe that such companionship adds another element of closeness and care which is mutually beneficial for seniors and their buddies. With their charming personalities, buddies spread joy and spark love in the hearts of seniors besides performing simple chores for them.

 On the other hand, seniors feel emotionally uplifted, cherish the extra socializing opportunity and might be more eager to achieve their activity goals of exercising, making puzzles or playing board games. Sometimes, just sharing photographs in photo albums and on the mobile phones or admiring each other’s jewelry and scarves can bring such joy!

Special needs buddies are usually accompanied by their job coach, therapist or caregiver when they go to seniors’ homes.  

Go back to being a daughter or son and leave caregiving to us.