Our Founding Story

Sadia Mumtaz

Sadia’s 19-year-old autistic son, Muhammad was such a charmer and so emotionally uplifting for seniors at the assisted living facility he volunteered at that the idea of setting up a home care company was born. The company would provide quality care to seniors through professional caregivers and also pair interested seniors with young special needs volunteer-buddies who love to be companions and helpers to seniors.

As a sole caregiver to her autistic son, Sadia has amassed a wealth of caregiving knowledge and experience over the years. She has collaborated with Muhammad’s team of health care professionals and therapists to successfully implement a complex home plan to transform Muhammad’s dependencies into accomplishments and independence. 

Further, as a recipient of after-school caregiver services for her son, Sadia has a profound understanding of caregiver woes. The gap between caregivers’ skills and attitudes and her expectations of them eventually led her to train Muhammad’s after-school caregivers herself.

Sadia believes that caregiving delivered compassionately, creatively and sincerely combined with nurturing relationships with special needs buddies can provide seniors holistic care especially meeting their emotional and psychological needs.

Presently on a pandemic-induced break to care for Muhammad, in her other life Sadia is a commercial and technology attorney in the Bay Area. 

Muhammad Ali

From the age of four, I was destined to be a caregiver for elderly ladies. Mom and I were at a garden party when I noticed an old lady (my great-aunt) unable to climb down some stairs. Anxiety abandoned, I ran from mom’s side to hold the lady’s hand and help her down the steps much to her amusement.

Grandma, grandma-like teachers and other elderly ladies are high on my list of favorites because they are so nurturing and loving. I enjoy taking care of and helping seniors – feeding them soup, singing to them or gently holding their hands.

Volunteering at an assisted living facility before the pandemic was my dream come true. I would catwalk inside in the dazzling glory of high heels, necklaces and bangles (did I mention I love jewelry?) and a Mary Poppins bag (wonder why mom never hired her to be my nanny). On my first visit at the facility when a bunch of slouching elderly ladies perked up in their wheelchairs as I danced to Mary Poppins’ song, “Feed the Birds” and staff members grinningly asked my therapist when I was coming again, we knew I was a hit!

Let our caregivers and special needs buddies provide you meaningful companionship.